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People in Ireland generally aren’t workaholics; they value their social life too highly for that. They won’t work weekends if something can wait until Monday, nor work long hours or take an evening job unless they have to. The standard Irish office day is from 9am until 5.30pm with an hour for lunch, taken between 12 and 2pm. Many offices, including government departments, are closed between 12.30 and 2pm.

The average Irish working week is 39 hours and the legal maximum 48 hours (note that this is a four-month average, so your actual working hours could fluctuate considerably).

In Ireland Working hours are governed by EU directives, which stipulate that you’re entitled to a minimum of 11 hours’ continuous rest in every 24 hours and at least one rest period in a working day of more than six hours. You’re also entitled to at least 24 hours’ continuous rest every week. Employers are required to compensate staff for Sunday working (i.e. pay them more than their normal daily wage) and night workers are entitled to a free health assessment before starting night work and at regular intervals thereafter.

Over the past few years, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) movement has gathered great momentum in Ireland and is now regarded as one of the most important topics. However, some studies indicate that CSR in Ireland is a relatively new issue compared with other countries (Lorraine Sweeney PhD Thesis in 2009). The research also noted that CSR was more prominent in multinational firms based in Ireland than in indigenous Irish firms.

In Ireland the trade unions are still influential in Ireland, wages are often negotiated on a collective basis and are therefore broadly similar in different industries and areas.

Ireland Bigger companies tend to pay better than smaller ones (which also often expect employees to work longer hours); for a similar job you would expect to earn 30 per cent more in a company with over 500 staff than in a company with fewer than 50 staff.

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